Antena Hispana
Anten HispanaAntena Hispana is a non- for profit Production Company that produces television programs in Spanish and in English for Channel 31, Melbourne. 

Our main objective is to promote the Spanish and Latin American culture in Melbourne by airing television programs that explore the diverse aspects of Hispanic culture’s food, music, dance and language featuring Melbourne’s Latin events, arts, musical and dance groups, community issues and interests and much more.

The program “Entre Todos” is in Spanish and “Fusion Latina” in English.  They are produced by volunteers of all ages, of all backgrounds and interests who are united by their passion for Hispano-American culture.

Antena Hispana is a full member of Channel 31 which has been airing the program Entre Todos since 30th April 1996 and the program Fusion Latina since 2nd October 2004.  Both programs are produced by volunteers that love what they are doing and strive to continually improve the quality of final product for the audience.

Antena Hispana works with other groups and organizations to provide opportunities to people of all ages who whish to be part of the big Hispano-American family in Melbourne.


Antena Hispana



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